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PHYON – the Digital Onboarding solution

Today, digitalisation is a decisive success factor when it comes to new customer acquisition. Customers expect to be able to make purchases or submit loan, leasing or insurance requests at any time and from anywhere.

PHYON™, CRIF’s digital onboarding solution, digitally maps the entire customer journey from initial contact to electronic signature and greatly improves the user experience in the “phygital” (physical + digital) interaction with end customers. PHYON™ supports companies that want to perform sales processes through user-friendly and efficient digital channels, reducing process completion times and friction points for the user.

Thus with PHYON™ CRIF is revolutionising the entire customer prospecting process and maximising customer service efficiency. This innovative onboarding solution allows CRIF to map the entire customer experience phygitally. From capture of ID cards and automated information capture from scanned documents, digital identity verification and applicant authentication to qualified electronic signature.

CRIF delivers the solutions from a single source, combinable in modules depending on requirements and tailored to the needs of the respective sector.

Smart Advisory – Support & Advice

If companies can inspire their customers at the relevant touchpoints along their customer journey, they will be rewarded with loyalty and additional sales. Digital sales channels reach their full potential when they are consistently managed and optimised. For product advice, for example, CRIF offers the Smart Advisory Service: companies can take advantage of guided onboarding with chats, chatbots or via video call to navigate their customers through the process faster, more conveniently and with lower bounce rates.

Document upload & OCR

Applicants’ documents are also uploaded digitally. One tried-and-tested means of doing this is digital ID card capture. CRIF offers an app and a browser-based solution that uses OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition). This replaces manual and therefore error-prone data entry with fast and intelligent data capture using the camera of a mobile device. ID card capture uses OCR technology to read information from passports, ID cards or driving licences. Information such as first name, last name and date of birth is processed on the server and, as always, matched, checked and evaluated against CRIF’s data.

Key benefits

• Simple document verification and authentication
• Avoidance of media disruptions
• Intelligent data capture and processing
• Avoidance of typing errors
• Improved customer interaction
• Improved data quality
• Fraud prevention
• Very high accuracy and speed
• Platforms: iOS, Android, server
• Simple integration

Access to Account (XS2A)

Within the context of the EU Directive PSD2, CRIF as a registered AISP can access a customer’s banking account on behalf of the customer, analyse and categorise account data and present it to a financial institution to assess creditworthiness. The Digital Account Check provides financial institutions and companies with a daily assessment based on real-time account information via an Account Information Service Provider. This allows a quick and uncomplicated assessment of whether a customer or business partner is solvent on the basis of their current income situation.

Key benefits

• Maximisation of the conversion rate through pure online processes without media disruptions
• Value-added services are offered in addition to the account information obtained
• Access to data also for non-account-holding banks
• Digital budget accounting
• Information yield and additional insights into the data

Video Identification

Video identification enables companies as well as their customers to conclude simple, fast, paperless and, above all, secure business transactions by means of video conferencing and online signature. This results in a number of advantages not only for customers but also for companies, such as more efficient processes and reduced internal costs. With the help of this new technology, loan requests can be processed, decided, approved and signed within a few minutes. Identification is carried out independently of time and place via smartphone, tablet or other Internet-enabled end device with a webcam.

Self Ident – fully automated identification

With Self Ident, CRIF provides a fully automated identification process without manual intervention for the digital onboarding process. A combination of machine learning technology, OCR ID scanning and biometric facial recognition makes it possible to verify the customer’s identity, check the authenticity of the ID and automatically capture the necessary ID data for further processing. CRIF’s Self Ident solution is part of the digital onboarding process and allows fully automated customer identification. The process is completely flexible, can be adapted to the respective sector requirements and integrated into the customer’s own systems.

The identification process guides the customer through the following steps:

  • Automatic ID scanning and data capture: ID documents are checked fully automatically and the data are read out using OCR technology and made available for further processing.
  • Intelligent Liveness Verification: By requiring users to perform certain facial expressions and head movements, it is possible to ascertain that the customer is actually a living person and not a photograph. In this step, screen grabs of the face are taken for subsequent facial matching.
  • Real-time biometric legitimation: A biometric face verification system compares the customer’s face with the photo on the ID card. Finally, the authentication process is only confirmed as successful if all comparisons show a positive result.


Key benefits

  • Fully automated identification process without manual intervention
  • Correct face matching in over 99% of cases
  • Automated capture of ID data for the application process
  • No media disruption in the digital onboarding process
  • No additional software installation required
  • Can be used with a PC or mobile device


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